12/10/2016 – Advanced Stretching Techniques

advanced stretching techniques

12/10/2016 – Advanced Stretching Techniques


This class is designed to help therapists not only incorporate stretching into a full body massage, but also to teach a full body stretching routine. Therapists will be taught passive stretches to incorporate into their massage, active stretches to give to their clients as part of a maintenance routine and self stretches to increase the longevity of their massage career. Clinical topics to be discussed include muscle energy techniques such as, PNF stretches, reciprocal inhibition, post-isometric relaxation, as well as advantages and disadvantages of one second stretches and ballistic stretches.

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Product Description

Richard Ridley, LMT, RCR
Cheri Ridley, LMT, RCR, PTA
Zac Abston, LMT
Day(s) of the Week: Monday
Continuing Education Hours: 8
Time Frame: 8am-5pm

Prerequisites: N/A
Approved By: NCBTMB

Provider Number: 450978-09
Supplies Needed: 1 Massage Sheet set, Lubricant of choice, Pencil and paper, Active wear or workout wear (if possible)
Location: Appalachian Training
Center for Healing Arts
1208 Gay St.
Dandridge, TN 37725


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